What goes on behind the COR-TEN facade?

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Solid Structures recently celebrated its one year anniversary in their new state of the art office in Chipping Norton. In 2016, in the spirit of re-imagining, directors Sean and Mark saw the potential of a near derelict old retail building in the centre of town. Over a two year period, the existing building was remodelled and recycled to create something of interest that addresses its location, in a manner befitting its context.

The remodelling works re-orientated the building with a new entrance added on as a single storey extension. It was important to create a unique space to offer a great collaborative working environment as well as demonstrating our creative side to our clients. The design celebrates COR-TEN steel and cedar cladding as façade materials and it sits effortlessly next to its Cotswold limestone neighbours: a proud new landmark for the local community.

So, one year on, did it deliver what it promised as a workspace? We asked our staff for their thoughts on the good, the fab and the downright sublime!

I really like the honesty of the materials and structure: polished concrete floors, plywood shelving and exposed services against the bare concrete soffit in the basement” Adrian, associate engineer

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Learning is improved by the open plan layout as we can listen to our colleagues’ discussions on projects.” Iryna, engineer.

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Downstairs is a secret working hub that has a real industrial feel to it with all its exposed ducting and a completely different feel to the upstairs office that's visible at street level.” Emily, office manager.

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The look and feel of the office is very professional and a great show case for our creativity and vision as engineers.” Ernest, engineer.

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It’s clear to see the level of care and thought that has been put into the design and functionality of the office with the bespoke furniture, and choice of fittings making it a great space for us to work in.” Kim, finance manager.