To build or to buy?

We don’t know the answer to the question but we do know that Channel4’s Grand Designs: The Street series offered some compelling arguments for building. Working in the construction sector, we love all things building related! What we love even more is helping to demystify the process of construction for our clients and in Kevin McCloud’s words, helping “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

Graven Hill-collage 2.jpg

Let’s say that again: helping “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

At Graven Hill, we got to do exactly that.

Solid Structures have been involved with Graven Hill for the past 2 years, working with many self-builders realising their dream homes. Through Graven Hill’s Golden Brick package, self-builders can purchase their plots with below ground services and foundations already completed to the self-builder’s house design. This ensures that every self-build is off to the best possible start. Solid Structures is instrumental in this process as part of the Golden brick team providing the foundation and drainage designs. Subsequent appointments have been undertaken on numerous projects to complete the superstructure designs.

A leisurely drive though Graven Hill reveals the emergence of an architectural hotspot of design and engineering excellence by a range of designers, enabled by brave self-builders.

Some of the projects that excite us are featured here. Check back in a few months’ time for the unveiling of The Brick Blockhouse, a Solid Structures collaboration with Charlie Luxton Design. A small building with a big attitude: it combines mass brickwork, punctured by simple windows and an excitingly large cantilevered porte-cochère over the front entrance.  

Graven Hill-collage 3.jpg