Crafting a sculptural staircase

We love it when a 3D plan comes together! A great example is this sculptural concrete staircase we recently completed for a residential client.

Print model.jpg

Despite the relative modest space reserved for the staircase, Quinlan Terry Architects presented an ambitious design. Originally designed as a stone stair we were tasked to look at an insitu concrete design which would not lose the stair’s sculptural quality in the limited space available but would provide a cost effective alternative. What seemed like a straightforward staircase on plan, evolved into a sculptural object in 3D with its continuous curved soffit winding through 180 degrees at landing level.

Pav Stairs 3D rebar (2).jpg

It presented quite a challenge to not only the structural design but even more so in presenting the design to the client, contractor and form work subcontractor Cordek in a format that was easily interpreted. The concrete work was undertaken by Euro-City (Eastern)


We employed the latest in 3D BIM modelling and 3D printing technology to produce drawings and models to use in discussions with the client and project team. The outcome is quite inspiring!