Digital Engineering

Overcoming Barriers to BIM Adoption - New Civil Engineer webcast

Solid Structures’ Sean Daly joined a panel of industry experts for an in depth discussion on overcoming the barriers to BIM adoption. In summary, the panel highlighted the following:

  • Commitment to continuous in-house training is crucial in developing a disciplined approach to a company’s BIM capability

  • Communication with the project team is paramount to ensure a common understanding of the type of information that is to be shared and at what stage of the process

  • Create greater awareness of the value benefit of BIM capability to encourage a greater uptake through webcasts, webinars and publications

Infrastructure Design in 3D

Using our 3D All Plan toolkit we were able to design and integrate the roads, landscaping and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) into a single 3D model. The use of 3D modelling gave our client a clear understanding of the cut and fill operations and potential savings. It also delivers a fully functional model from which precise sections and elevations across the site can be produced.    

Bloggers - Argemiro and Iustin