Stonework re-imagined

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It's not everyday Solid Structures are appointed for all the disciplines of services on offer! On an ambitious residential extension we achieved just that!

Our structural, civil and stone facade design engineers are all hard at work making Adrian James Architects' vision for a run down cottage a reality!

Zion's Hill was originally built as two cottages in the 1700's. It was subsequently converted into a single home. A large extension was added in 1958 followed by a conservatory in 1980. Both the large extension and conservatory are poorly constructed and the building's floor plan does not offer a comfortable modern living layout.

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The project will see the demolition of the extension and conservatory. This will be replaced with a contemporary double storey extension, acknowledging its heritage with a set of gabled walls. Materials used will replicate the existing with Cotswold Stone for the walls and a slate roof. The walls will be constructed in a combination of rubble stone and cut stone.

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Of particular interest in this project is the use of oversized, deeply cut asymmetrically splayed stone window reveals. The stone edges in some instances are as narrow as 30mm. Director Sean Daly has been appointed as specialist stone facade designer by contractor WG Carter. He has his work cut out to provide solid structural solutions whilst maintaining the slender stone lines that were required in elevation.

Work has started on site with the demolition of the extension and conservatory. Structural remedial work to the original cottages is underway with some localised underpinning and structural modifications required to enable the new modernised layout. And then the exciting bit starts!

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Images credit: Adrian James Architects