Oxford Capital Offices

Location: Cumnor Hill, Oxford
Architect: Montgomery Architects
CLIENT: Beard Oxford
DATE: 2014

The single-storey garden extension to the existing Oxford offices of Beard Construction is built to house the expanding tenant Oxford Capital. The design involves the creation of an additional 308 square metres of open-plan office space by creating an L-shaped footprint with a curved glazed façade. The project was constructed as a steel frame that curves around a circular courtyard. 

Beard Construction ran the project as a trial to improve their knowledge gap in BIM. Bentley Microstation, Tekla and Revit models were used by the consultants concurrently and combined by the Oxford Architects into a “federated” or coordinated BIM model. The software was used to generate reports highlighting where building elements clashed with solutions devised collaboratively at weekly meetings.


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