Porter's Lodge, Christ Church

Location: Christ Church, Oxford
Architect: Montgomery Architects
DATE: 2014

Enabling the space to be modernised whilst preserving the historic character of this Grade I listed building was of paramount importance on this project. The redesign of the lodge was carried out in close consultation with Christ Church, English Heritage, the council conservation officer and archaeologists.

Structural work was required to strengthen and repair the central timber floor beam with new steel channels bolted to the sides. Other structural work included:

  • removal of sections of a historic chimney
  • lowering the ground floor
  • new support for unsupported defective construction
  • strengthening of bowing timber walls and posts
  • reorganising the sub-structure floor construction
  • removing internal walls that were attracting load from deflected beams
  • re-fixing bowed or misaligned structural posts
  • re-supporting rotten floor joists
  • partly underpinning the chimney
  • strengthening works to the basement.


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