Sladnor Park Retirement Resort

Location: Sladnor Park retirement resort, Maidencombe, devon
client: gallager ventures ltd / english care villages ltd
Architect: Tyack Architects ltd
DATE: August 2017 - present

The transformation of this former coastal holiday park into an £80 million Retirement Resort posed various topographical challenges. The 159 high end apartments and 12 further facility buildings are constructed on a steep sloping site with a 50m change in height in the road from top to bottom and road access to multiple basement levels to consider too.

Extensive 3D modelling allowed us to balance out cut & fill, whilst accommodating these multiple levels and maintaining sensible road gradients. It allowed us to identify the critical zones, pinch points and opportunities to re route the road and recycle the cut volumes of around 18,000m3 material into areas that could easily accommodate it.  

ENGINEERS: Sean and Argemiro

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