Solid Structures is a young, friendly structural engineering business based in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. It was started in 2005 by Sean Daly, responding to a need for a bespoke engineering service with hands-on director involvement. In 2012, Mark Harris became a director and joined Sean as owner. 

Trust and transparency were key values upon which the company was founded. As the business has grown, these values have remained at the heart of everything we do, enabling us to build open and lasting client relationships. 


Our people are what make us great. They are the core of our business and the key to our success. We look after them and they look after you. 

Sean Daly

As a former part-time firefighter, Sean is our all-action hero. He works hard, he plays hard, he rescues kittens from trees (well, he used to).

Sean is also a Chartered Structural Engineer with two decades of design experience. From a family of builders and engineers, Sean could read drawings and take off quantities from the age of 16.

Driven, energetic and focussed at work, with a particular passion for complex stone staircases, Sean has been a specialist tutor to Oxford Brookes University first-year architecture students.

Outside of work Sean can often be seen ploughing this drive and energy into ensuring that he puts on a good party. These days however, this is balanced out with a spot of Sunday fishing with his son.

Mark Harris

With over 20 years in engineering design, Mark has developed a passion for exciting collaborative design solutions. He offers a bold approach in creative ideas whilst maintaining a careful eye on the detail.  

His designs have attracted accolades from the Concrete Society, the steel industry, the Institute of Structural Engineers, the Institute of Civil Engineers, the Civic Society and the Oxford Preservation Trust.

A keen baker, Mark regularly boasts about winning the 2013 Men’s Baking Category at the Lechlade Produce Show, although he’s less keen to discuss the following year where he was disqualified for the wrong tin size.

Adrian Reeves

Adrian’s our cool dude surfer and drummer from Cornwall, with a love for cycling and vintage BMXs. He plays drums in a band called White Beam – very apt for a structural engineer.

His passion for engineering evolved during a year out in Australia, where he worked as a site engineer on a city centre development in Sydney. These days as an Associate at Solid, he plays a key role in the management of the company and work load planning whilst continuing to deliver design led projects.

Argemiro Rivera

Our Associate leading the Infrastructure team, Argemiro, is also our master storyteller. Whether it’s the time he married his wife three times in a year, the occasion he lost a horse on a night out in his native Colombia, the scar on his finger from a piranha fish bite or the tale behind his two birthdays.

Argemiro’s approach to work is just as spirited, whether he’s coordinating multi-disciplinary teams, liaising with stakeholders at all levels or collaborating with project delivery teams to develop high quality projects beyond client standards.

Emily Daly

A former accident-and-emergency nurse, Emily holds a wide range of interesting and critically important job roles; chief among them Office Baker and, unsurprisingly, First-Aider.

When Emily’s not baking or patching up the accident-prone (i.e. Dani), she can be found riding her horse or tending to her pigs, chickens, dog, gerbils, gecko and three children.

Oh, and she also manages the office and keeps us all under control. Phew.

William morris

A structural engineer with more than eight years’ design experience across a broad range of sectors and clients, Will has worked on numerous historic buildings in Oxford.

A problem solver and a leader, he enjoys the design process from conception to completion, delivering practical, robust designs.

Will loves a challenge – the Three Peaks Challenge, the Paris-Roubaix cycle sportive, the ‘getting your colleagues to take part in the Oxford half marathon’ challenge – he’s done them all. He also loves a bit of break dancing, but we hear he’s less successful at this.


In 2015, Annie swapped  her high heels for wellies to bring more than a decade of London marketing and ad agency experience to Solid.

Annie now looks after our Marketing needs, coupling positive energy and a smile with a determined efficiency.

A mum to three children, Annie has been known in the past as Granny Annie for her love of sherry and After Eights, and cashmere bed socks. Despite this nickname, Annie claims she can out headstand any human being – we’ve yet to see this. 

Richard Young

Not only is Richard a master baker of Star Wars cakes, he is also a senior CAD technician with more than 20 years’ experience.

Building on his extensive knowledge of BIM, Richard produces 3D models using Tekla Structures, Allplan Engineering and Revit.

He likes to travel whenever he can – whether on his bike to see his favourite bands, with his wife on the Trans-Siberian railway or in his inflatable canoe, Colin. He once went to Mongolia to milk a yak (and travel, apparently).

SS-6 (1).jpg

kate drake

Helping Emily to keep us all on the straight and narrow is our lovely Kate. With stacks of experience in this area, Kate's worked as a PA in property companies over the last 10 years. She's also got 2 children and a husband to manage, sorry look after, too. 

With a passion for music, Kate loves a boogie and, back in the day, loved nothing better than a dance off at a hunt ball with Prince William. Yes the real life Prince William. She's too modest to say who the winner was, but when your husband's a DJ we think she's probably notched up some serious hours of practice. If you really want to see some moves though, chuck a frog onto the dance floor and watch this frog-phobic lady shake some moves! 


Originating from Sicily, Stefano’s approach to life epitomises la dolce vita – from his love for the classic dish of aubergine parmigiana and of music, to playing and watching the beautiful game.

His masters degree in Construction Engineering and Architecture was undertaken at the University of Palermo and his studies completed with a year at the Universidad de Coruna in Spain.

Rich in both cultural and academic qualifications, the next natural step for Stefano was to move to London to work as a breakfast waiter before eventually finding a place among Solid’s cultural elite.

Passionate and fun-loving, Stefano likes to bring his colleagues authentic, homemade Tiramisu. Delizioso...or as we say around here, nom nom nom.


paul mills

Paul ‘Bruce Lee’ Mills is our martial arts hero. Not only does he have black belts in  Krav Maga and Kick Boxing, but his seven year old daughter has even taught him to do a cartwheel.

A graduate of Queens’ College, Cambridge, Paul joined us as an Associate in 2017, bringing a wealth of experience in complex engineering projects and a passion for building enduring and collaborative relationships with architects and contractors.

Paul also loves to travel. He was once nearly washed away trying to cross a river in Malaysia. Yet again, his one-off blend of structural engineering prowess and high-kicking martial arts skills came to the fore, fighting back the jungle wildlife and building a shelter for an unplanned night under the stars. Baloo has got nothing on him.

Ernest bohm

Bringing the Bossa beat to Solid comes Ernest, from Brazil. In fact, he’s half-Brazilian and half-Croatian. To confuse matters further, he’s also lived in Abu Dhabi (where he worked on a camel race track project), Spain and Turkey.

Movie-fan Ernest has completed degrees in both Architecture and Structural Engineering. Through this, he brings an unrivalled passion to deliver collaborative solutions and an ability to unlock the engineering and architectural potential in projects.

Having once worked as a barista in Spain, he’s also the right man in the office to seek out when you fancy a cup of coffee. We’re pretty sure that even an instant tastes better when Ernest makes it!




To Solid via the Ukraine and Coventry, comes Iryna – a fast-learner with a first-class master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Passionate about structural and civil engineering design, Iryna joined the team in 2017.

A budding gymnast (professional in her teens), yoga bunny and craft enthusiast, Iryna is a self proclaimed “nerd”. Her qualifications in this regard are nearly as good as her engineering ones, with an almost disturbingly detailed knowledge of Sci Fi.

She also plays a bit of squash and does Tai Kwon-Do (watch out Paul) and has notched up some modelling experience, appearing in TV ads as a child.

You’d think it would be exhausting being Iryna but she still manages to bring heaps of energy to Solid.

Dani trevail

Full of enthusiasm, Dani not only brings to Solid a master’s degree in civil and structural engineering, but also a huge portion of boundless energy. Although she only graduated in 2017, she’s already bagged herself heaps of experience undertaking various placements during uni holidays. In fact, rather than enjoying some R&R after finishing her degree and before joining us, Dani squeezed in a 6 week stint in Zambia constructing new sports facilities at a Community School.

Her passion and determination are, however, only matched by her clumsiness. Cycling, bunk beds, snow boards, hammers – she has scars from them all. We’re insisting she wears a hard hat at all times from now on.



Theodor epuran

Philosophical Theodor is our deep thinker of the Solid crew. So thoughtful in fact, that as a Christmas present to his wife one year, he became vegetarian and is now 95% vegan himself...which makes us rather worried about how he’ll interpret the office Secret Santa.

Theodor brings to the Civil side of the business a wealth of valuable experience from renewable energy (where he started his career in Romania) to drainage and highways.

In addition to his day job and his philosophy musings, Theodor plays the guitar and has a passion for cooking everything from scratch too. Top that off with the fact he exercises every day and you’ll see why he gets up at 4 O’Clock every morning.

kim murrAY

With an eagle eye for detail, Kim’s joined the team as our lovely Finance Manager. Well, lovely if you toe the line and keep your time sheets up to date. She’s another keen runner and is often seen pounding the local roads and tracks training for her next charity run.

Before joining Solid Structures, she ran her 350 acre family farm for 10 years - managing the solar park, all the residential and commercial lettings and 75,000 chickens! And before farm life, she studied at the London College of Fashion and then was a mould maker for sculptors.

A Farmer/Finance Manager/Fashionista - a pretty eclectic mix to add to the Solid crew!